One-of-a-Kind Upcycled Handbags

We make all of our distinctive handbags from scratch using wonderful reclaimed vintage fabric and wool. Some of our most popular designs include:


  • Elegant Evening Bags (made from vintage tapestry curtains and lace)
  • Messenger Style Slouch Bags
    (made from vintage pleated draperies, tablecloths and retro 1960's floral and geometric fabrics)
  • Messenger and Shoulder Style Appliqued Bags (made from vintage Pendleton blankets, heavy wool sweaters and men's wool sportcoats)
  • Vintage Kitchen Apron Totes (made from 1940's-era printed aprons)

All of our bags are hand-stitched, eco-chic and one of a kind! We offer the widest selection of bags and often showcase new styles and designs at our favorite arts and crafts festivals. You can also purchase our bags by CLICKING HERE!