Other One-of-a-Kind Accessories


We make beautiful scarves from reclaimed wool and vintage fabrics primarily during the fall and winter months. Most of our scarves feature hand-stitched appliques cut by hand from vintage wool coats and skirts. We also make lovely infinity and draped scarves from beautiful remnants of vintage fabrics, women's dresses and other reclaimed goodies!


We offer the widest selection of scarves in our new store and at our arts and crafts festivals. You can also purchase our scarves by clicking on this link to our online shop.


Vintage Pins

We make fun and funky vintage pins using wonderful vintage fabric, men's silk neckties, vintage buttons and other great textiles. Our pins look especially fabulous on our vintage messenger bags made from pleated draperies and retro florals and geometrics.


To purchase our one-of-a-kind pins, visit us at one of our favorite arts and crafts festivals. To view our current show schedule, click on the Upcoming Shows link on the left-hand toolbar.


We actually began our business making one-of-a-kind valances, which we now exclusively offer by clicking on this link to our online shop.